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Old Fashioned Manhattan Cocktail Travel Kit

Old Fashioned Manhattan Cocktail Travel Kit

SKU: WC130
  • Description

    Whether taking on vacation, a BYOB restaurant, hotel happy hour, picnic, camping or just hanging around... It's all in here! 


    Kit includes: 375ml bottle to take your favorite whiskey along with you,  1 oz bottle of world famous Bitter Housewife orange bitters, 1 oz bottle of sweet vermouth,  8 sugar cubes, 5 slices of sugar coated dried Oranges and a pair of stunning heavy grade rocks glasses that spin forever when you give them a twirl.  All housed in your choice of case option. Choose from an indestructible hard travel case or an elegant black box that is sure to set the tone for the night. 


    BONUS #1 -  A complete guide of the best Old fashioned and Manhattan recipes on the planet.   


    BONUS #2 - Rubber Ice cube tray for 8 massive square cubes.   


    BONUS #3 - Exclusive GWC recipe of pre-mixed pack of REAL 'dried bitters' spices and fruits. Just drop in the bourbon, shake and pour!

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