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GWC Hard Case Travel Kit LARGE w/ (8) 2oz Bottles

GWC Hard Case Travel Kit LARGE w/ (8) 2oz Bottles

SKU: WC151

More of your favorite spirits on board! In addition to the 3 hand blown Neat A, B, C tasting glasses, you get 8 2 oz bottles, 1 eye dropper, 1 tasting pad, 1 vinyl podium, bottle tags, Pencil and instructions.

  • Description

    The Ultimate Blind Tasting Travel Kit

    When at a hotel, on a boat, at a friend's house, picnic, bbq, cigar lounge, etc... It's rare that neat glasses or your favorite whiskey is available. This kit solves that problem!   

    The Great Whiskey Challenge Blind Tasting Travel Kit is for you! Everything you need to take your whiskey on the go. Perfect for an airplane carry-on.

    Heading out on a business trip? Host your own private Happy Hour!

    Hanging at your favorite cigar lounge?

    Got a Golf Outing coming up?

    Hanging on your buddies yacht?

    Going camping?

    Attending a bottle share?

    There's nothing else on the planet like this! 

    What's Included:

    • Travel Case - Industrial strength PVC travel carrying case, complete with foam padded inserts for safe, secure travel.
    • Whiskey Tasting Glasses (3pcs) - Each glass is printed underneath with A, B or C to clearly identify which Whiskey is in which glass. 
    • 8x 2oz Sample Bottles - Perfect for travel and taking samples along for your own taste tests.
    • Tasting Score Pad - Take notes and/or play a game with others. Note pad does 80 individual tastings and/or 20 full games. 
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