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Whether you are just getting into whiskey or are an esteemed expert, these Social Media pages are a must follow. Most provide updates on whiskey availabilities, hold online taste tests and just talk about whiskey. You can learn a lot while also having a lot of fun.

bourbon of the week - chris littleton_1657129410.webp

Bourbon of the Week

Check out 'Whiskey Wednesday' to find out which bourbons are hot and which are better left on the shelf.

bourbon real talk_1661439638.webp

Bourbon Real Talk

If we can help you get connected to whiskey, the whiskey will do the rest and get you connected to others.

whiskey shelf_1661783157.webp

The Whiskey Shelf

The place for honest, detailed, and independent whiskey reviews, comparisons, articles, and more.


Whiskey Bonded

Exploring whiskey is an adventure that is both always new and changing while also being tied to a long rich history.

whiskey tornado_1657130975.webp

Whiskey Tornado

Whiskey Tornado is hosted by Lance Lyell who was a 2021 Regional Finalist in Bardstowns Worlds Top Whiskey Taster contest.

bourbon kingdom_1661783014.webp

Bourbon Kingdom

Discover new bourbons that get reviewed on a weekly basis.

drums and drams_1661783256.webp

Drums and Drams

A whisk(e)y channel for reviews, recommendations, livestreams, and more.



I'm the world's worst bartender, most unhelpful whiskey reviewer, and least serious bourbon enthusiast as selected by my comments section.

ashd whiskey_1657131086.webp

ADHD Whiskey

Whiskey Reviews, Blind Whiskey Tastings, Whiskey Talk, Livestreams and Fun.

bourbon judge_1661439693.webp

Bourbon Judge

Each week I will take you through Bourbons that are hot on the shelf and give you a simple answer, Buy or Don't Buy.

mash and drum_1657131169.webp

The Mash & Drum

If you want to learn more about what's in your glass and hear honest reviews then you have found the right channel.

whiskey fellow_1664809094.webp

Whiskey Fellow

Whiskey Consultant, Bourbon Mafia member, Certified Bourbon Steward.

whiskey dictionary_1664809366.webp

Whiskey Dictionary

I'm Bill, and The Whiskey Dictionary is a channel of passion and education. I want to teach you about the wide world of whiskey, the history of brands...

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