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GWC CIGAR Option Master Edition Blind Tasting Kit

GWC CIGAR Option Master Edition Blind Tasting Kit

SKU: WC107

Spring/Father's Day Sale

Into cigars? We took our original Master Kit and removed the two MDF podiums and added a hand-crafted Spanish cedar cigar tray with lighter and cutter compartments.

  • Description

    The Master!! With a twist...

    For the advancing whiskey enthusiast, along with those that like to smoke a stogie with their tastings.

     This incredible presentation quality kit comes in a hand lacquered solid wood case and includes everything from the original master edition except we replaced the 2 podiums with a Spanish cedar humidor tray for 3-4 cigars, cutter, humidity pack and lighter.

    Note:  Filled 2 oz bottles can be taken on a plane. To be compliant, the bottle caps must be sealed and kept sealed throughout the flight.   

    What's Included:

    • Custom Wood Carrying Case - Perfect for travel or taking to your next tasting event. Custom interior design for safe protection every time.


    • 2x Custom Hand-Blown Whiskey Tasting Glasses (3pcs) - Each glass is printed underneath with A, B or C to clearly identify which Whiskey is in which glass.  **Select from 2 sets of ABC glasses for a two user experience or a set of ABCDEF glasses for a 6 bottle blind.**


    •  2x Custom Tasting Board - This board serves as the judge. put them in order of your favorite to least favorite.  It also clearly describes the tasting steps as well as the game aspect option.  


    • 2x Tasting Score Pad - Take notes and/or play a game with others. Note pad does 80 individual tastings and/or 20 full games. 


    • A/B/C Wooden Tags - These are placed around the bottle necks to match the A, B and C glasses


    • Cedar Cigar Tray - Like to smoke a cigar with your whiskey? Now you have the ultimate traveling tasting AND cigar case. A traveling humidor!


    • 2oz Eye Dropper Bottle - For distilled water or additional whiskey sample.


    • Funnel for 2oz Bottles - Do not waste any!


    • 3x 2oz Sample Bottles - Perfect for travel and taking samples along for your own taste tests.


    • Instruction Booklet - Whether a rookie or an experienced taster, there's something in here for everyone.  


    ** Cigars, lighter and whiskey not included. **

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