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GWC (10) 2oz Glass Mini Bottle Set

GWC (10) 2oz Glass Mini Bottle Set

SKU: WC410
$25.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price

Spring/Father's Day Sale

If you are going to get serious about experiencing different whiskeys, then you better start stocking up on these! You can't possibly buy every Whiskey on the market. But you can trade a couple of ounces here and there. Includes a sticker sheet for labeling your bottles. One bottle has an eye dropper cap to experiment with adding a few drops of distilled water.


  • Description

    Tired of spending a lot on a rare bottle and then end up disappointed with the taste?     

    These sample bottles are a great way to trade to and from friends so you can experience tasting whiskey your budget might otherwise never allow!    

    One of the 10 bottles has an eye dropper top for distilled water.  You may be shocked at how the flavor of your whiskey can change with just a couple drops of distilled water.    

    A label Sticker kit is included.  

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